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To Joanna and Marcella: My Mother, Irene Kleczkowski(99 years young) and I (Walt) would like to say thank you very much for being so kind, while enjoying my Mother’s birthday, May 23rd 2015. The hugs and kisses by you and the patrons, singing Happy Birthday and eating your wonderful, delicious crab cake made our day very special. I wish I lived in Baltimore as I could/would visit you more frequent than the four times a year at present. The broiled crab cake is absolutely wonderful in which my mouth is watering some 1450 miles away in Houston, Texas as I write these comments. I love the atmosphere you have at the pub and the waiters are excellent. Please don’t change anything and I will see you in September. Your the best. Regards…………..Walt Kleczkowski

– Walter Kleczkowski, Houston, Texas

We just received our 8 crab cakes — a Christmas present from our daughter in Boston — last week (January 22) and my whole family raved about them! These crab cakes are not only Baltimore’s Best Crab Cake but, they are the best crab cakes in the world! I first ate crab cakes from Kocos when I was in Baltimore with the Order of Malta and, a frequent visitor of yours — Wayne R — treated us to your delicious crab cakes. That was about three years ago and we have them every year when I come to Baltimore for Malta — Wayne treats us to them every year. I have not stopped raving about them since my first bite three years ago! So my daughter thought they would make a wonderful Christmas present. She was right!!! And they are so simple to prepare!


Had my first experience with a Koco’s crab cake this past weekend and let me say. I am a lol this was the best all around…hands down crab cake I’ve ever tasted.

– Nisey Felton Originally East Orange, NJ currently Hampton, VA

What a great place to eat “THE BEST CRAB CAKES IN BALTIMORE, MD.” The crab cakes were delicious and the hospitality was even better. MOM & April are the best. Not only serving good food but,excellent service and conversation. We feel like we have known them forever. Thanks to the both of you for making us feel at home. Again Koco’s is the best.Mom, we were glad you came out to say goodbye to us. Your Friends

– John & Emma Luneau, Louisiana

lived in md allof my life hon went with mom and wife ive had crab cakes from all over. smith island ,cape charles ,eastern shore as well as local i will say this is THE BEST !! . not good to have as your 1st cake as you will be forever spoiled.

– Fishin Shawn ,Hampstead Md

I love the lump on top of lumps crab cakes and no filling! Simply the Awesomest! I lived in Maryland all of my life and never had a better crab cake, that makes Koco’s Pub the BEST!!

– Comedian Maria Sanchez

May 3,2014, I had my first crab cake here. I must say I was impressed with the taste, favor and size. I had to ask myself how did I miss this place. I will be going here in the near future.

– Baltimore,Maryland (15 minutes away from me)

I ate at Koco’s last year in July. When they said a softball size crabcake..they aren’t kidding. It was cooked to perfection and seasoned with Old Bay to perfection. Highly recommend as it was the best Maryland Crab Cake I have ever eaten…and I grew up in Maryland and now reside in New Mexico. Thanks Koco’s for bringing the award winning flavors that a crab cake should have…

– Rick May, Albuquerque, NM

Introduced by BG&E employee in 2001. I’ve brought family, friends, and clients. Simply the Best Crabcake I have EVER had. And the same greatness every time I visit. Thank You Marcella Family

– Mark Campolong, Gettysburg PA

Wow! A wonderful Crab Cake and any one who comes will really enjoy the meal.

– Washington, DC

The best ever ! I love these crabs cakes, my husband introduced me to Koco’s and I am glad he did.. They have the best crab cake in Maryland.

– Quiana, MD

Absolutely hands down most delicious crab cakes! Glad I ordered the 11oz. Because I’m eating the leftovers now! We will be back with a cooler and dry ice! Your staff is friendly and very accommodating! Kudos and congrats on your success and future!

– Tracy B. Long Island, NY

Some friends invited us to their favorite spot for crabcakes “Koco’s”. I have experienced my first Maryland Crabcake. Yumm! It was delicious. I’ll never eat crabcakes in NY again, nothing compares! I’ll be back for sure!

– Scharlette, Albany, NY

I was recommended this place, and came for dinner while visiting on a business trip. Fun ambiance, great staff… Place was packed but worth the wait! Crab cakes that I’ve had from other cities are spongy and taste like a gardenburger. These were amazing, I’m ordering some to ship to family next holiday season:)

– Andrea, Manhattan NY

Hi Marcella, Reginald got the crab cakes today and was very excited about the gift. Thank you very much for making that happen. You sensed my desire to get that to him for his birthday and you did it with style. I truly appreciate your efforts and your sensitivity to this customer’s needs. You are wonderful. Thanks over and over.

– B. Cooper , Baltimore, MD

Years ago I lived in the surrounding neighborhood and was lucky enough to stumble on this gem by coincidence thinking it was just a normal neighborhood bar. Best crab cakes, crab dip and the atmosphere can’t be beat! I come back every time I visit Maryland :-)

– Christy L., Afghanistan

The Crab Cake was one of the best things I have ever eaten! I read all of the reviews , including those of the other “best crab cakes” in Baltimore and man I was glad I picked Koco’s for dinner. HUGE lumps of crab the were just buttery good.

– Steve, Long Island , NY

I grew up in Timonium, but have lived in Northern California for 30 years. when I was back visiting my friend brought me in for your crab cakes. THE BEST!. I am ordering some to be shipped for Christmas

– Nancy Murphy, San Rafael, CA

I’m from Virginia and I was visiting Baltimore during the Thanksgiving Holiday this year. We were told you have THE BEST crabcakes around, and boy, they weren’t joking! I loved the atmosphere, friendly staff, and the kids corner was definitely appreciative!

– Dara Wroblewski, Norfolk, VA

God what a wonderful place to eat and we miss it to no end!! There is no place like it and no food like it. Doug and I love and miss you more that you will ever know and just know the next time we are back to Baltimore we know where we are going to eat first! Love, XXXXOOOO

– Charles Thurman / Phoenix az

Wonderful food, quick service, and reasonable prices. The crab cakes are simply delicious!

– M. Ragsdale, Stamford Ct

My first visit was Sat. 5/19/12. The crab cakes were fabulous; the service was quick, and most importantly, the crew was friendly and funny. Excellent portions for a very reasonable price. A seafood-type “Cheers” restaurant. See you again soon.

– Joy, Bowie, MD

As Baltimore Natives, we’ve toured around town to taste some of Maryland’s Best CrabCakes. And we must admit, this has topped them all. Our first experience at Koco’s was on 4/13/12. And that was certainly an experience to remember!

– Lance and Krystal Lucas, Baltimore, MD

Have Had Many ……………………None better then JoAnn’s , Truly THE BEST CRAB CAKE EVER ! Graet place too ,very warm and friendly Love you guys , see ya soon !,

– Shelly Collins , Hometown is Hampden , MD

My girlfriend asked her friend if he thought I would be upset if she brought me the last quarter of her crabcake… She was advised to order another to go. GREAT advice, man it was delicious. We will be making the drive up there pretty soon for another. Thanks for not screwing up a delicious dish by adding tons of filler and backfin meat!

– Greg, Annapolis, Md

Crab cakes! had the rest, KOCO’S IS THE BEST!!

– John & Sally Gibson, Parkville,MD.

Every time I come back home your can GUARANTEE I will get some of your crab cakes!!!! Best on the planet!!

– Tavon Manker, live in Augusta, Ga (Born and raised in Baltimore)

What a great neighborhood joint-totally unpretentious, yet putting out the best crabcakes in MD-and possible the WORLD. Thanks to darling April and everyone here. We really enjoyed ourselves!

– Carrie & Zeke Kyser, Portland OR

The Best Crab Cakes in all the World-all the way from JAPAN! See you on the next visit.

– Jaime, JAPAN

We live in northern Virginia and heard about Koco’s at Rehoboth Beach. Try to get there at least every couple months for BEST CRABCAKES ever! Coming again Sat April 23..can’t wait!!!!!!

– Terry and Charlie, Annandale VA

I received your crab cakes and wow, the best ever! You can’t get that here and I was amazed. Great service. quick delivery and everything was perfect!Thank, thank you. I will be a repeat customer!

– Thomas Yurick

Never liked Crabcakes till I ate at Koco’s. Best in the Milkway Galaxy!!

– Aaron J. Philadelphia, PA

My sister lives local to you and after she moved in she told us about the place on Harford Road and how friendly you staff was. We visited her and came down for dinner and drinks – she was right – Friendly neighborhood pub – what a nice surprise!! By the way – you’re CRABCAKES ARE AMAZING!!!! Thank you

– Frank Hafe, Hampstead, Md

The best crab cakes I ever ate! While visiting Baltimore last March, I took my girlfriend to Koco’s after I noticed their crab cakes rated #1 on AOL city’s best (while doing some research prior to our trip). We entered Koco’s with high expectations and the crab cakes did not disappoint! We will definitely be back during our next visit to Baltimore- in the meantime, I plan on ordering some of those crab cakes to be shipped up here to New York!

– Dan H., New York, NY

Your crab cakes ROCKS!

– love Johnny Kocovinos 3

My sisters & brother got together for a group siblings birthday dinner & had a blast. Your staff was exceptionally friendly and the food… jeez, what can I say… born & raised in “Balmer Hoin”, the crabcakes were to die for. Thank you soooo much!

– Bev Rider Mason, Westminster, MD

My first destination when visiting Baltimore. The best crab cakes, crab soup, crab dip…..anywhere.

– Bridget Rose, Berlin, MD

How do they do it? It’s just amazing–the food is all so fabulous. It’s hard to resist the crabcakes so we ususally get one to share and split something else too, like a burger, wings or the awesome parrothead chicken. We took the crabcakes to my stepdad for his 90th b’day. What a hit! Thanks Koco’s!

– Pat & Dave, Lutherville, MD

I admit it! I am an addict. I am addicted to Koco’s Crab Cakes! If I don’t get to Koco’s at least once a month I begin to go through withdrawal. I can never move further away or I’ll be doomed!

– Charmaine, New York, NY

Koco’s has the best crab cakes in Baltimore, hands down. And I am completely addicted to the raspberry jalapeno wings! Add in the fact that everyone there is wonderfully friendly and I can’t imagine a better neighborhood bar!

– Becky, Baltimore, MD

I just had what I think is the best crabcake at Kocos, that I have ever had, and I am a marylander and have had many a crab cake.

– Kimberly Griffith, Parkton, Md

I Love Koco’s !!!

– Dave from Baltimore

My sister and I love Koco’s, we try to stop in at least once a month, it’s a great place to relax and meet up with friends. Joanna’s crabcakes are by far the best I’ve ever eaten and my friends and I have enjoyed every other menu item we’ve tried as well!

– Jane and Susan Kelly, Baltimore, MD

Koco’s Rocks!

– TJ Moyer, Baltimore, MD

These Crab Cakes were unquestionably the best Crab Cakes we’ve ever eaten. Our quest for the perfect Crab Cake has tanken us to 22 cities on four continents. So finally we can rest aand savor the trophy. Thank you.

– Allen and Cynthia Mondell, Dallas, TX

I’m from Dallas, TX. We heard about Koco’s all the way down in the Lone Star State. One of the reasons to be in Baltimore was to discover Maryland Crab Cakes. Tried several and Koco’s are definitely the Best. To repeat for emphasis, Definitely The Best!

– Richard Vores, Dallas TX

Great Food – Fantastic Burgers and Superb Crab Cakes (never tried before)

– Alan and Jacq , Scotland

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Koco,
What a wonderful meal. Tonight is our first visit. We had heard from Martin and Katie O’Malley about the Great Crab Cakes. They were so right. We will sing your praises all over Baltimore.

– Barbara and Joe Curran